Network-aware Orchestration Layer for Middleboxes in Clouds


Stratos Technical Report

This technical report discusses the research underpinnings of Stratos. It presents the motivation and design of the key components of Stratos. It also provides an in-depth evaluation of Stratos' performance and key benefits.

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Stratos Overview

These slides provide an overview of Stratos, including: our motivation for designing Stratos; key design requirements and principles underlying Strato's design; high-level technical details on the core components of Stratos; an overview of the current Stratos implementation; and an evaluation of Stratos' performance and benefits.

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Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) Technology Summary

Development of Stratos is supported by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation's (WARF) Accelerator Program. Additionally, WARF is the patent management agency for Stratos.

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Related Technologies

Software-Defined Middlebox Networking

Current middlebox management mechanisms are clumsy and unsuitable for taking full advantage of new MB deployment models and diverse middlebox functionality. Instead, we advocate for mechanisms that help exercise unified control over the key factors influencing middlebox operations. Our goal is to realize a software-defined middlebox networking framework to simplify management of complex, diverse functionalities and engender rich deployments.

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CloudNaaS: A Cloud Networking Platform for Enterprise Applications

Enterprises today face several challenges when hosting applications in the cloud. Central to many of these challenges is the limited support for control over cloud network functions: e.g., the ability to ensure security, performance guarantees or isolation. CloudNaas is a novel cloud networking framework that allows cloud tenants to augment application deployments with a rich and extensible set of network functions such as virtual network isolation, custom addressing, service differentiation, and flexible interposition of various middleboxes. CloudNaaS primitives are directly implemented within the cloud infrastructure using high-speed programmable network elements, making CloudNaaS highly efficient. CloudNaaS' performance is robust even in the face of large numbers of provisioned services and link/device failures.

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